My work is primarily concerned with landscape as it relates to ideas of place, American history, and heritage, and the ways the conditions of climate change and historical consciousness complicate both the material and ideological possibilities of belonging. Referencing 19th century American visual culture, the objects I create employ shifts in scale, horizon, and form to unsettle the possessive notion of country and reimagine future place-relationships by asserting the primacy of the material world. My current project, Blades and Leaves/Objects & Objections focuses on reimagining hand tools of the future as a way to explores the relationship between object, body, material, and agency.


I work primarily in print media, sculpture, and installation, although texts I’ve written in the form of prose-poems which I call “appendices”  frequently accompany projects as editioned multiples that both provide further elaboration on the object-based work and extend its life beyond the gallery